Founding Beliefs

"We are on the cusp of something that could become one of the great social movements"

Saker Nusseibeh, CEO, Hermes Investment Management

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There's a momentous shift happening now

I believe we’re entering a new era, where the most profitable, robust and innovative companies, those with the best talent and thriving work cultures – are purpose driven.

Instead of focusing on profit, their cause is rooted in social value. They not only understand their purpose; it permeates everything they do. Their teams and the market are drawn because they represent something of value and are meaningful. Thus meaning is the new currency of growth.

People have an innate desire to excel

It’s both my experience and belief that people and relationships are the greatest asset of business. Yet performance often lags far behind potential and that limits the ability of a company to lead, thrive and grow.

By developing high performance teams, you create a new culture of engagement, innovation and growth in three domains – people, profit and social impact.

My Purpose

Help shape a more abundant future by focusing business on the opportunity for growth through higher purpose.

My Vision

Become the leading and trusted adviser to established businesses who are hungry for growth in profit, people/culture and social impact.

Achieve this by leveraging the core talents of people to create thriving businesses which:

  • Generate rapid and sustainable returns for their owners
  • Provide a breeding ground for health, well-being and motivation for workers
  • Produce valuable and meaningful products and services which customers love
  • Provide net benefits to local and global society
  • Work in ways which promote environmental sustainability and abundance for future generations

My Values


Strive to represent truth, even if it’s it’s uncomfortable 


Continually seek to add value, instead of creating plans for generating wealth


Be fluid, learn constantly and don’t be afraid to change course


Remain passionate or stop


Giving up is not really an option

Be the Change

Lead by example