Founding Beliefs

"We are on the cusp of something that could become one of the great social movements"

Saker Nusseibeh, CEO, Hermes Investment Management

IMG_2317NASH - by Julieta Feroz

There's a momentous shift happening now

We’re entering a new era of business, where the most profitable, strongest and most innovative companies, those attracting the best people and with thriving work cultures – know their purpose.

Instead of focusing on profit, their cause is rooted in social value and this permeates everything they do. Meaning, I believe, is the new currency of growth.

People have an innate desire to excel

People and relationships are the greatest asset of business, but often there’s not enough focus on building teams who work at their best every day.

By building teams who maximise their strengths, who know and believe in their purpose and who practice the habits of high performance, companies and leaders set the foundations for personal freedom and a company operating at the peak of its potential.

My Purpose

Empower the teams and leaders today who operate the companies of tomorrow: thriving, happy and socially valuable.

My Vision

To see a world where business progress contributes to the happiness, health and wealth of people.

My Values


Strive to represent truth, even if it’s it’s uncomfortable 


Continually seek to add value, instead of creating plans for generating wealth


Be fluid, learn constantly and don’t be afraid to change course


Remain passionate or stop


Giving up is not really an option

Be the Change

Lead by example