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The Firm

Martinez Comin is not your average 70 year old family run firm of lawyers. When Alex Comin took over from his late father, he brought a new energy and direction, to build on the solid foundations his dad had laid.


With a reputation for proximity, they're not only providing "bread and butter" services, but act, in many cases as trusted advisers to help their clients grow and thrive.

Alex now consistently spends 30-40% of his time on topics that are important and non-urgent

The Presenting Challenges

Alex began work with Re-Map in early 2019, to address what he saw as a gap in opportunity. The team had grown to a decent size and all the bases were covered. But he felt there were pockets of complacency, internal relationship issues, politics and comfort zones within the firm which needed to be compassionately disrupted. There was also a need for more growth and revamping their culture.

As a firm, they needed a new edge, a renewed focus and culture of high performance.

What happened?

We used the basis of strengths to construct a new culture of high performance. Within weeks, long standing relationship issues were resolved and a new, more collaborative environment emerged.

Alex was spending 90% of his working hours putting out fires and this needed to change.

Now he consistently spends 30-40% of his time on topics that are important and non-urgent - team happiness, org structure, client acquisition, customer excellence, strategy etc.

This renewed focus has been paying off.

The team has grown by 25% and they're on track to recover pre-Covid revenues in 2021.

Some of the main highlights were

CEO increased time spent on non-urgent, important work from 10-40%

25% increase in client referrals and 20% increase in number of clients

25% increase in team size; on track for 15% revenue growth in 2022

More recently, Covid brought fresh challenges around strategy and value proposition.

How to respond instead of reacting to market changes was the key question.

We uncovered their social purpose, then revised the strategy in alignment with that purpose.

They've been able to pivot in important ways - attracting new talent who were being hunted by other firms with a bigger reputation. They joined because of an alignment with the purpose.

They've turned down business that was not aligned, so that they could focus on delivering above and beyond for clients who believe what they believe.

Alex has also established new committees to drive key aspects of their strategy around quality, technical excellence and growth.

There's still a path to be travelled for Martinez Comin to be a fully fledged, performance-driven and purpose-led. Yet they're evolving fast and measuring their success in financial growth, team wellbeing and social impact, hand in hand.

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Nash is a great support to our firm, helping us develop a High Impact Culture and align our strategies to our purpose.

Alex Comin, CEO, Managing Partner, Martinez Comin

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