We’re in the business of transformation

We've seen there are no straight lines in transformation. Companies evolve at the pace they can absorb transformation.

Our Four Guiding Principles steer us as we help you transform: 

  1. High performance occurs when leaders consistently tap into universal, intrinsic motivations
  2. Method and structure are important, but they must constantly flex and adapt to evolving needs
  3. By cultivating mental balance, teams can experience their highest collective intelligence
  4. Success means growth in three dimensions—well-being, social impact and profit

Each client journey of transformation is as unique as you.

We co-create 90-day implementation roadmaps following six simple steps:


Diagnose challenges and underlying needs


Co-create objectives and outline maps


Stay attentive and adjust course as needed


Apply the right techniques at the right moments


Support implementation to achieve your goals


Reflect, apply learnings and roll on every 90 days

Think of us as your strategic partner. Hands-on enough to guide, help and support you to thrive, while staying out of the way, so you can do what you do best.

We have expert team members and mentors who are there to support your transformation journey.

a confident headshot of Nash


Founder, facilitator & primary Re-Mapper. A Professor of Leadership and Management, a decade in transformation for investment banks and now advisor to CEOs of fast growth startups. Nash has a vision and method to accelerate a new era of purpose-led companies.

a confident headshot of Priti


Wife, mum, strategist, economist, programme manager and logistics queen. She's exceptional at seeing the critical path and getting stuff done and dusted!

a confident headshot of Loughlin


Adviser, mentor and chief "un-blocker". Loughlin's been instrumental in the development of High Impact Culture. Formerly the Global Head of Tax at KPMG until he co-founded the NGO, The Blueprint for Better Business. He's a startup mentor and consultant to multinationals.

a confident headshot of Santi


Sounding board and business development lead. Santi is a CEO and successful serial tech entrepreneur in his own right. He's also been a client of HIC.

a confident headshot of Julia


In matters of facilitating human transformation, Julia is our guide and mentor. She's led M&A and transformation programmes for Fortune 500 firms, launched the UKs first energy impact fund and works with leadership teams in turnaround situations.

a confident headshot of Ben


OKR advisor and mentor. As the founder of OKRs.com and the author of two books, numerous articles, podcasts and interviews in the field, Ben has just about as much OKR experience as anyone out there.

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