Making Transformation Happen

Connecting OKRs with Strategy & Purpose

OKRs are a hot topic, especially among fast growth tech companies. Our experience and research suggests that most companies are gaining value from OKRs, but are not transforming their companies.

This whitepaper offers a new model for developing OKRs that transform business outcomes while enabling social impact at scale.

  • Discover why you need a social purpose and aligned strategy 

  • Discover how to link your purpose, strategy and OKRs together

  • Access our free step-by-step guide and templates

  • Make transformation happen in your company!

Hear what others are saying

This whitepaper offers a completely new perspective on how to make OKRs work for business and for society. Exciting stuff!

Michael Romig

Coach and Consultant at Purpose+Motion

Nash's paper provides much needed context that can greatly benefit many organizations that choose to deploy an OKRs program.

Ben Lamorte