Sliversea Containers

A Global shipping, containers and logistics business

The Challenge

Complicated market conditions at the start of 2023 meant that demand for containers was low, the company was holding a surplus stock, margins were squeezed and interest rates on loans were rising - creating a financial squeeze for the company.

The Intervention

We established a clear OKR, built a squad around it and then facilitated a process to shift the teams approach.  This allowed them to come up with innovative solutions to old “sticky challenges”. The leadership team and squad worked together to engage the rest of the company, ensuring there was buy-in and accountability at all levels. 

The Results

Inefficiencies in operations were quickly diagnosed and minimised. New revenue sources were identified and implemented. In Q2 2023, EBITDA was -480,000€, by Q3 EBITDA improved to-90,000€. More work is ongoing to further solve the issues, building on the same principles and approaches.

Guillermo Portela, Founder and CEO said

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I feel fortunate to be working with Nash, the High Impact Culture method really is re-mapping our company.